Why Souls

Foot Massage, also known as Reflexology is a complementary, natural therapy which is non-invasive and therapeutic, aiding with and stimulating the natural healing processes of the body. Whilst your feet will undoubtedly feel more alive and invigorated through the wearing of Souls, ailments of the foot are not the sole focus of Reflexology. As the traditional Chinese and Egyptian healing practices, which date back thousands of years attest, massage of the feet promotes wellness in all areas of the body including the organs and glands.
The widely promoted benefits of Reflexology include:
 Reduction of oedema
 Promotion of better sleep.
 Relief from anxiety, tension and stress
 Circulation improvement of the vascular and lymphatic systems
 Stimulation of energy flow, aiding the immune system

Souls wearers also report faster recovery times after a strenuous workout, yoga session or long leisurely seaside walk. Neuropathy (nerve damage) and oedema (fluid retention) treatments typically include recommendations to exercise and massage, making Souls more essential for your outdoor stroll, après ski or post- workout time.

We recommend getting used to your Souls, particularly if you have soft or delicate feet. It’s a good idea to wear them for 10-20 minutes at a time for the first few days and drink plenty of water to enjoy the full benefits of foot massage.

Souls has added its Comfort range for a slightly softer and less vigorous massage, whilst still selling the Originals for those with feet like an Australian.

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