Souls Story

15 years ago Australian surfer Stu Johnston returned from a surfing trip to the Maldives and brought back with him a pair of massage flip flops (or “thongs” as the Aussies like to call them!). After many requests from family and friends to bring these “funky thongs” back for them from his travels, Stu found a manufacturing facility in beautiful Sri Lanka and Souls Footwear was born.

Committed to the environment and ethical trading, the Souls Footwear manufacturing facility is committed to ecofriendly manufacturing and no hazardous materials have been used during the manufacturing process. All Souls Footwear is made from an EVA foam and Natural Rubber combination (both non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials). The Souls manufacturing facility adheres to strict European standards and is a REACH certified.
One of the great things about Sri Lanka, apart from its natural beauty, is that child labour is banned therefore NO Child Labour is used in our manufacturing facility, allowing you to make an ethical choice when buying Souls Footwear.
Supplied in over 20 countries globally, Souls Footwear is high quality, fashionable and delivers a variety of health benefits – it’s not just another surfing brand and it’s certainly not a sandal!

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